Product Details

Skidoo's 850 is a strong engine with some performance left on the table.

So at Terra Alps Racing were able to get some more ponies out of that 850.


850 PORTING - Get some added top end HP from your 850 with cylinder porting. $600 cdn. or $450 us


Y-PIPE - Gain mid range to top end power with a Terra Alps Y pipe. For stock pipe application $299 cdn. or $225 us


SINGLE PIPE and Y PIPE - Gain power thru mid to top end, 10 hp with this kit. $999 cdn. or $750 us

(doesnt work with other pipes and Y pipes)

With Narly lightweight muffler add $250 cdn. to this kit.


NARLY lightweight muffler. $339 cdn.


911cc BIGBORE - Real power is what you pay for! Terra Alps uses stock cylinder, bore, weld, modify and port the cylinder.

                         machine the stock head, machine exhaust valves, comes with  piston kits and base gasket. $2695 cdn.

                         Fuel adder is needed - Dobeck fuel adder or PCV fuel adder.

                         Recommend High flow Y pipe and Single pipe for big bore.

                         Clutching available