Product Details

Skidoo's 850 is a strong engine with some performance left on the table.

So at Terra Alps Racing were able to get some more ponies out of that 850.


850 PORTING - Get some added top end HP from your 850 with cylinder porting. $600 cdn. or $450 us


Head machining , gain HP and torque with stock appearing head.  $300 cdn.


Porting and cheater stock head cnc machining, great peformance package, with base gasket $930 cdn.


Y-PIPE - Gain mid range to top end power with a Terra Alps Y pipe. For stock pipe application or big bores                     $399 cdn. or $300 us approx.


SINGLE PIPE and Y PIPE - Gain power thru mid to top end, 10 hp with this kit. $1099 cdn. or $800 us approx.

(doesnt work with other pipes and Y pipes)

With Narly lightweight muffler add $350 cdn. to this kit.


NARLY lightweight trail muffler. $399 cdn. with temp sensor

Not too loud, deep tone. The inside design and insulated packing makes this trail friendly.


ECM reflash performance tune $800 cdn.


920cc BIGBORE - Real power is what you pay for! Terra Alps uses the stock cylinder, welding is needed in certain areas, If a company or builder does not do welding in the cylinder then its a budget kit and does not know whats going on. At Terra Alps the Cylinder is bored, modified and fully port the cylinder then it gets nikasil'd and honed to size. The stock head is cnc machined to run pump gas, machine exhaust valves, comes with 2 piston kits and base gasket.

High elevation or low elevation pump gas. $3195 cdn or $2300 us.


                         Fuel adder is needed - ECM reflash $800 or Dobeck fuel adder or PCV fuel adder.

                         Recommend High flow Y pipe $399 cdn. and Single pipe for big bore $799 cdn.

                         Clutching available