Product Details

Arctic Cat 975cc Twin Big Bore for the 2001-2006 800cc & 900cc twins.

The only reliable big bore twin for the big cat engine, using stock cast pistons,  this kit will produce over 180hp when set up with twin pipes.

 One of our clients went to an independent dyno and made 197 hp with is 975 with twin pipes.


The Terra Alps 975 kit comes set up with proper porting and compression ratios for your riding area. Also being the first 975 kit made we have a few years on them. This kit is simple to set up. And runs hard. Also this is the only 800-900 cat bigbore that you can get pistons for. Dont want to be stuck with another bigbore and cant find pistons for it.


Send in your cylinders, heads and exhaust valves. We will bore the cyls, port them to our specifications, re nikasil the cyls to our spec. Then report and clean up the port edges. We machine the heads and exhaust valves, set you up for pump gas or a race gas mix.

Kit comes with cast pistons, rings, pins, and top end bearings and base gasket.

$2250 cdn.

 ($1600 us approx)


EFI sleds will need a fuel controller to add some fuel.


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