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1177cc big bore for F/M 1000 200hp+

Take your M1000 mountain sled and make it a Beast!

These 1177 engines outperform the competitions with a full port job and billet head for better cooling and making more hp then others using a modified stock head. We also have porting specs for turbos, low elevation riding and high elevation riding.

Terra Alps Racing has different compression ratios for running pump gas at low elevation or high elevations, also race gas set ups. With interchangable dome inserts.

Send in your cylinders, and exhaust valves. We bore and fully port the cylinders. Re-plate the cylinders then re-port the cylinders to spec and polish the exhaust. We can machine your stock head and install interchangable dome inserts for the sleeper look!


$2495.00 cdn     


Have a 1200 kit with a stock head opened up for the larger piston but not properly designed for the 1200? Send it in Terra Alps Racing will machine it out and install proper domes to run pump gas at your riding area with better cooling. Or pick up our billet head with interchangable domes.


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Also have some parts in stock for 98 mm pistons, rings and pins.