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2Arctic cat 930cc big bore for 2007-2009' F/M 800 and 2010-2017' F/M 800's

Don't settle for less, get a fully ported big bore with our Terra Alps billet head with interchangable domes.

With awesome torque to give you arm pulling grunt and acceleration up the steepest mountains, these kits dominate the western mountains.

Big bore kit includes boring your cylinders, full porting package, nikasil done to our spec, exhaust valves machined, piston kit with rings and pins, billet head with interchangable domes with different compression ratios to suite your riding areas on pump gas. Over 30 hp gain and more depending how you tune it. We also offer turbo domes and high compression race domes for race fuel.

$2695 cdn.

($2170 us. approx.)


Complete 930 package 30+HP over stock. 930 Big bore, Single pipe and Y pipe, PCV, and clutching. $4269.99 cdn.

 or $3180 us. approx.


options includes

-2012-2017 Single pipe and Y pipe kit 12HP gain 800-930cc $945 cdn. 8200 rpm

Single pipe 8200 rpm $695 cdn.

-High Flow Y pipe $284.95

-MBRP lightweight exhaust muffler $334.95

-PCV Fuel controller with fuel map $549.95 

-PCV Fuel and timing controller $749.95

-Dobeck Fuel control box you can adjust. $449.95

-STM exhaust valve kit $795.95