Product Details

ARCTIC CAT 2018 CTEC 870 BIG BORE - Terra Alps Racing 870 big bore kit with wicked acceleration for the 2018 CTEC 800. Kit consists of boring out , fully porting and replating the cylinders, comes with our custom lightweight piston kits, lightweight pistons for quicker acceleration and smoother running operation, billet head with inerchangeable domes for different riding elevations to ride on pump gas, race fuel or turbo applications. Exhaust valves are machined to match the porting in cylinders. Terra Alps only made a 870 kit for proper fit around the injectors in cylinder, plus the smooth running quickness of this kit over heavier pistons and less stress on the crank.

Send in your cylinders with exhaust valves complete.

CTEC 870 big bore $2795 cdn or $2150 us approx.

PCV fuel and ingintion controller is needed for this 870 kit $679.95 cdn.  comes with maps.

Clutching and other accessories are availible from Terra Alps Racing


Arctic Cat CTEC 800 Billet head with interchangeable domes $499.95 cdn. 

Gain power all the way thru the power band. Run premium pump gas and gain maximum performance with proper cooling flow in this head. Different domes availible for low and high elevations on pump gas. 

We also have higher compression and MSV domes for race fuel applications also turbo domes. 


Terra Alps shim and billet head performance kit availible to gain some extra HP $549.99 cdn. or $415 us approx.

PCV is recommended for this kit


High Flow Y pipe $284.95 

Single pipe $695 cdn.

Single pipe and Y pipe $949 cdn.

Muffler $339 cdn.


Porting on cylinders and exhaust valves needed $600


PCV fuel and ignition controller $679.95 cdn.