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Terra Alps Racing Arctic Cat F/CF/M800 Billet head. Gain arm pulling power all the way thru the power band. Quicker acceleration to get more track speed when boondocking or attacking a mtn side. Run 91 octane premium pump gas and gain maximum performance with better cooling. Great for high elevation. We also have higher compression domes for race fuel and race applications.

Turbos can take advantage of our billet head as well with lower compression better designed dome. To still have great throttle response and more top end power.

Compression ratios availible 12-1,13-1,13.5-1,14-1, 15.5-1race, also low compression turbo domes, and any custom domes you may need.

$499.95 cdn.


Porting, gain over 10 HP porting your 07-09 M8  $500

2010-2017 800's gain up to 10 hp $500


Single pipe & Y pipe kit 800-930cc 2012-2017' PRO ClImb chassis 12 hp + , no lose in mid range. $945 cdn.


Single pipe 800 cc 2012-2017' $695 cdn.


High Flow Y pipe gain up to 4 HP, a must on our 930 Big bore kits  $284.95 cdn.


We have complete performance packages for your Arctic Cat! Engine Porting and big bores, exhaust, clutching, fuel management, venting, chassis...