Product Details

ECM reflash performance tunes available by Terra Alps Racing. As a 2 stroke performance engine and exhaust builder specialists we know how to balance out a system to get the most out of it! and make it reliable.


Performance tunes for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Skidoo and Yamaha. $749 cdn. or $550 us


These flash tunes are able to be used on a stock machine , piped machine or a full out Big bore.


Tunes tested on the dyno to make sure were getting the most power then taking the machine out on the trails and mountains to get the best out of it.


Adjust fuel mapping wether its too lean or too rich, adjust ignition for a certain engine combinations, high compression heads, porting or exhaust type, adjust oil ratios, compensation tables, the list goes on to build the best ecm tunes.


Take your build in stages but make sure you get the right tunes for each stage your building. At Terra Alps Racing since we design and build all the parts and stages you purchase one flash license and your set with that machine. Able to flash it as many times as you need as you build your performance package.


With our performance tune flashes we can also set you up with data logging software and cloud base downloading technology  to load up maps anywhere you ride or drive your truck, car , semi, seadoo... Check and clear codes, datalog vehicle information.


email for more information.   terraalps@shaw.ca