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Polaris AXYS 850 Performance, Bigbore and exhaust.

The best engine and exhaust components in the industry now for the new Polaris 850 twin.


909 plus Big bore! Already proven in our 800 AXYS bigbore stroker kit. We have a few years on this beast! 190+ hp.


Want something bigger? thats what we thought, Terra Alps Racing 929 Bigbore, kit includes boring, weld and modify, porting and replating your cylinder, kit comes with 2 piston kits, billet head with domes  to run pump gas at your riding area, exhaust valves get machined for proper opertion.

Send in your cylinder and exhaust valves complete. $2895 cdn.



Billet head with interchangeable domes, gain up to 7 hp  $499 cdn.

Compression ratios for your riding area with pump gas, high elevation riding, race set up and turbos.


High flow Y pipe $299 cdn. or $225 us. High flow for our big bore kits.


Single Pipe $695 cdn.

with muffler $995 cdn.

Stock pipe mod, gain top end HP and no fade long pulls $299 cdn.

Send in stock pipe with heat shield is ok.


Mufflers - Narly lightweight and highflow for our bigbore kits that need to flow more cfm. $339 cdn.

Mtn Narly edition 4 lbs, Raunchy loud, but not ear bleeding. $339 cdn. or $250 us approx.

Quiet Muffler 5.5lbs, just little louder then stock but deeper throatier sounding. $359 cdn. or $265 us approx.


Pipe mod for stock pipe $299 cdn. Reduce top end fade, gain top end HP without losing mid range power like other pipe mods.


Twin pipes $1499 cdn.

Custom for our bigbores and our best clients.