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We have seen them all.

Ski Doo 860r big bore for 2007-2016 800r $2795 cdn or $2100 us approx.

Ski Doo 860 Etec engine Big bore. $2995 cdn.

Ski Doo 830HO big bore for 2001-2006 motors. discontinued, 800 fully ported engines only

The only fully built true big bore in the western BC mtns. 

Fully ported bigbores with cast pistons with the best rings (stock reliablilty) comes with our billet head with interchangable domes for pump gas or race applications. Terra Alps billet heads have proper coolant passages to keep the cylinder temperture consistant which is good for reliability and making the most hp. Also keeping the head cooler to make more HP.

860r is 25hp gain over stock with our high flow Ypipe and stock pipe package.

These big bore kits kick butt on the competition. Our clients dominate the mountains. Don't be fooled into buying a big bore with out proper porting and design.

We perfer not to use the 86mm piston, It thins out the cylinder too much losing power and the reliability is not there for our clients. For our mountain riding we perfer an oem piston. 



SINGLE PIPE - big volume gain, 8300 rpm Power needed for fully ported 860 big bore kit $695 cdn. or $520 us approx.

Custom Big Bore High Flow Y pipes $299.95 cdn.


Don't think all billet heads are the same, all the heads we have seen from other manufactures have very poor cooling passages where the cylinder has inconsistant tempertures. On alot of heads they don't have the coolant turbulance which helps keep tempertures lower to make more HP and better on long pulls. So the coolant flows slow and doesn't pull the heat away from the domes causing hot spots and detonation. Don't settle for less.


PORTING! Now I keep hearing stage 1, 2 and 3 porting. What a joke! So "stage 1" I guess means no porting! A big bore with no porting will make little to no more power then a stock engine. And "stage 2" means a little more then nothing, and stage 3 means we will open up the ports and get you what we can?

I heard from another shop that they offer intake porting now, so for the last 3 years they haven't offered any intake porting with there "killer" bigbores and had the kits to beat?? yea right. So why didn't they offer porting on the intake side of the cylinders before? At least if you purchase a big bore or porting from Terra Alps Racing on your stock cylinders you know you will be getting a fully ported engine the first time and we have been fully porting our engine packages from day one. So you get what you pay for.


Exhaust kits! We have lightweight exhaust mufflers, Y pipes and pipes. We only sell what works, we test our products.


Carb Boring gain extra HP for your performance package! $295

        -we disassemble the carbs, bore them, clean all parts, grease all moving parts, assemble and set up jetting for your application.


We have complete performance packages for your Skidoo! Engine, exhaust, clutching, venting...


Thermostat kits for Skidoo XP and Polaris. These are the real deal. Thermostat starts to open at 90'f and closes off the bypass at 120'f (not155'f) so your engine will make max hp. If its running over 140'f its starting to loose hp. Flows 30% more then stock XP stat and 3 times more then the other brand, Our stat is fast reacting so when you start to hammer on it, the stat starts to react not a minute later. $249.95cdn. or $175 us approx.  for Skidoo XP and XM chassis.


Check out our test on our facebook page.!/photo.php?fbid=511569932221294&set=a.511569925554628.127094.175835182461439&type=1&theater