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The first and only aftermarket billet head availible for the Skidoo Etec 800r since 2011'. Terra Alps Racing is always pushing to be the best and building the best components for performance minded riders.   

ETEC Billet heads with higher compression ratios for high elevation riding and low elevation heads.  Wicked throttle response and acceleration and safe on pump gas. Also Turbo heads.

Gain up to 8 hp from the bottom to top 8000 rpm.  Get more hp and be safe on pump gas.

No fuel adders needed! Call or Email to order your Etec billet head $749.95cdn or $590 us approx.



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ETEC Turbos! The feed back from our turbo consumers is still having to run too much race fuel to keep off the detonation, and spark plugs breaking. The stock head is NOT designed for turbo applications. So we have turbo heads availible.


Ultimate Turbo set up- Terra Alps Top End kit for etec turbo. $769.95 cdn. gain more bottom and mid range punch and acceleration with less turbo lag for your turbo etec. Want even more power add our high flow Y pipe or even our 860 Big bore built for turbo applications!


860 ETEC Big bore kit

Send in your cylinder and exhaust valves complete, We bore out your cylinder, fully port it, (not just raising the sub ports), comes with stock cast reliable pistons, Terra Alps  billet head set up for pump gas at your riding area, exhaust Valve modification, proper clearances and nikasil.

$3295 cdn. ($2600 us. approx) Big bore kit

$699  cdn PCV fuel controller

$999.95 cdn Extra injectors program system

Low and High elevation kits, email for your set up.


Get full rebuild with BRP crankshaft and gasket kit. Email for quote.


PISTONS- Dont let anyone tell you the 85mm 860 piston is not reliable and cracks or breaks off the skirts. Thats a lie. We use the best Japanese pistons availible in the world. With proper silicone content and proper piston clearance it will last 5000 miles no problem. We had some put on 3300 miles in one season. Some shops are using a different 85mm piston or a off shore made piston with improper silicone ratings and have the piston clearance set up wrong. So then any piston would crack. Just a gimmick to make you buy there kits. Would you rather have a 872 kit with an off shore piston? not me.

No hp gain with .5mm bigger piston, changes port shapes lose power, weaker cylinder skirts, an offshore piston and little porting.


600 Stock Etec head machining modification.

Gain HP all thru the RPM range for high elevation riding.

$349 cdn.


High flow y pipes, for 800cc and 860cc fully ported engines.

$299.95 cdn.


Clutch Kits! Add a Terra Alps designed helix to your Etec. Help increase acclereation and backshifting. $184.95


Lightweight Etec Exhaust Mufflers!  $359.95


Thermostat kits for Skidoo XP's and XM's. Will work on other models as well.  These are the real deal. Thermostat starts to open at 90'f and closes off the bypass at 120'f (not155'f) so your engine will run cooler and  make max hp. If its running over 140'f its starting to loose hp.

$249.95 cdn.  or $175 us approx.


We have complete performance packages for your Skidoo! Don't sacrifice buying something thats not tested from someone hiding behind a keyboard.