Product Details

Yamaha Nytro Turbo Highlights

-Full sensor standalone EFI management requires no user adjustment, gas and go

-17 psi boost on 91 octane premium pump fuel above 5000' elevation

-10 gallon fuel capactity with external surge tank, no sputtering ever

-Fueling system fully capable of boost level to 20+ psi, fuel pump and injectors included

-All quality parts, no knockoff junk means no upgrades needed later

-Short 321 stainless steel thick wall header allows lightning quick turbo spoolup

-Stainless divorced downpipes reduce turbo backpressure

-Short intercooler plumbing for no turbo lag

-Includes upgrade to Garrett GT2871 Turbo


-Turbo price $7500.00 CDN

-Assault seat is an extra $550.00 CDN

-Install $1600.00 CDN

-Clutching extra -Primary clutch adjustable weights $210.85

                        -Shockwave adjustable helix $345.95

                        -Primary spring $34.95