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Check out our "FACEBOOK" page, so you can see some testing and some of the projects w...
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Ski doo XP Mtn tunnels

Terra Alps has tunnels for the new Ski doo XP chassis with reinforced side extrusion running board c...
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Polaris 800 cfi billit heads

Congratulations to Dennis Durmas for winning Rmsha pro master open mod hillclimb using Terra Alps Ra...
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Terra Alps Racing Inc.

Welcome to Terra Alps Racing inc. A Kelowna BC Canada based company specializing in building 2 stroke snowmobile performance. Engine , exhaust and tuning performance is a top priority being the leader in the industry to bring the best for a clients application. Designing cad & cam, cnc maching and building parts for engine, exhaust and chassis components. We design snowmobile chassis for rider positioning and comfort, wether riding full out in a climb or boondocking in the deep powder or blasting along trails. We supply parts and accessories for snowmobiles, atv's, utv's and off road bikes.

Riding in B.C.'s mountains of steep and deep, also racing in hillclimbs, snowdrags and grassdrags - has brought the call for performance work.

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