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Polaris AXYS 800HO Performance

The Polaris Axys 800HO a new engine for 2015. Same bore and stroke as previous 800cfi. New porting, new exhaust valves for stronger mid range and lightweight crankshaft gives this new engine some much needed extra HP.

Terra Alps Racing still takes it to the next level finding more HP and reliability over stock production parts.

 With the most extensive research and developement on these engines. Terra Alps Racing has made many options, 800 improvers, 840 stroker, 860 big bore, and the 909 big bore stroker kit.


-860cc BIGBORE - 180+ HP, with Y pipe and single pipe. Most powerful pump gas Polaris bigbore! Still the best engine on the market making the most HP (12 hp more then next big bore in line) and reliability.$3195 cdn. or $2300 us approx.

   Send in your cylinder, exhaust valves complete, and top case half. Or whole engine, we can disassemble and reassemble    engine for you. For the 860 big bore we bore and fully port the cylinder and cases. Modify the exhaust valves. Comes with

 pistons, pins, rings, billet head with interchangeable domes set up for pump gas, base gaskets with shim and HD cylinder bolts.

Availible with stock appearing head for Improver classes.
 Fuel controller PC6 $749 cdn. is needed to add extra fuel plus extra clutch weight is needed!

ECM reflash also available for fuel and ignition changes $749 cdn.

Terra Alps Y pipe and pipe is recommended. $1049 cdn.

High compression domes for race engine also availible. For mod or improved classes.


Independent dyno (Dynotech) proved stock axys 800 at 151 hp to 179+ hp with 860 kit and 11.5-1 low compression on pump gas, Real HP.

Most powerful Polaris twin on pump gas at Dynotech! 13 hp more then next bigbore in line.

-909 STROKER BIGBORE, 190.2 HP 122.7 ft lbs of torque! (single pipe & Y pipe 8300 rpm) WOW! Terra Alps big bore kit with our stroker crank modification $5695 cdn. or $4200 us approx.

send in crankshaft, cases, cylinder and exhaust valves complete.

Availible with stock appearing head for improver classes.


-840 STROKER,  Uses Terra Alps stroker crank modification, Option 1 - stock cylinder is ported and case porting, modify exhaust valves, comes with billet head and domes, piston kits, base gaskets, shim and HD cyl bolts. $4695 cdn. or $3450 us approx. 

Option 2 - Cylinder nikasil is stripped, cyl is welded and ported then replated (extra costs)(the best way), case porting, modify exhaust valves, comes with billet head and domes, piston kits, base gaskets and shim and HD cyl bolts. $5695 cdn.or $4200 us approx.

 Send in your crankshaft, cases, cylinder and exhaust valves complete. We can supply engine parts if needed.


-PERFORMANCE IMPROVER KIT- Terra Alps pipe and Y pipe, piston kit with billet head (or stock head with inserts), cylinder and case porting and PCV fuel and ignition controller gain 25HP.

          $3349.85     clutching extra and optional


-BILLET HEAD with interchangable domes for different riding conditions and engine set ups $699.99 cdn. or $550 us approx.

Terra Alps dome design different then anything on the market. Gains extra top end Horse Power! Ask for them in your engine kit. 

Terra Alps billet heads have proper cooling turbulence and flow thru the head and cylinders for proper cooling and high hp engines. With our top of the line combustion chamber dome design to make the most power in the industry we strive to be the best.

Also including our highflow cooler running thermostat kit for additional $79.95 cdn or $55 us approx. with our billet head only.

Our billet head made 7+ hp gain over stock, Up to 6 hp gain over other brands. Yes some other brand heads dont make power. Just machine shops making something to sell. 

-Cheater heads also availible.


-PORTING for that extra HP everyone wants for trail blasting and hillclimbing and full out race engines.
 Only get the best in a full out port job not just a sanded cylinder which dont make any power.


-PISTON KIT, our top of the line kits using cast pistons for durabiliy and adding extra HP. $749.95 cdn.

Yes the new engines can still benefit from our piston kit. Better piston dimensions then the same old stock pistons, lasting longer and making more HP for longer periods of time.

Piston kit "standard" with billet head $1299.95 gain up to 10 hp.

Piston kit 280 with billet head $1299.95 (dynoed with pipe and Y pipe with PCV 170 hp! up to 20 hp gain.)


-Y PIPE high flow $499 cdn. Great for all applications, designed for our bigbores, strokers and turbos
 More airflow more HP. Not your average Y pipe like others on the market.


-SINGLE PIPE  7-9 hp gain on top. Gaining HP in the mid range as well, not loosing mid range HP like other pipes on the market we tested.

Add a PCV controller and gain up to 15 hp, most powerful pipe on the market. $699 cdn.

 -SINGLE Pipe and Y pipe combo kit for high end engines, comes with seal, $1049 cdn. or $840 us approx.


-TWIN PIPES ! gain up to 20 hp on stock Axys 800. $1899 cdn

800, 840, 860, 909 big bore stroker engine kits.

PC6 fuel & Ignition needed! $749 cdn.


-ECM Reflash performance tunes available $749 cdn. 

Get in the brain of the machine and we make changes to fueling, ignition, temperature adjustments, etc... to make your machine haul ass !


-PCV fuel and ignition controller, comes with maps $749.95 cdn.


-ECM Performance flash $749 cdn.


-Clutching custom clutch weight, helixs, springs, gasket kits, vents, and accessories availble thru Terra Alps Racing.


-Email for questions and other pricing packages.