Apex, RX1 and Vector Tunnel Kits

Product Details

Our Yamaha Apex, RX1, and Vector tunnels have a lower footing position for a lower body mass weight and lower centre of balance. Easier for carving and making quick manouvers when boondock and attack aggressive hills. Our aggressive footing traction and tested running board slots help get rid of snow and ice build up on the running boards, but there not too big to let snow come up thru the slots or break from not having enough support.

A smooth transition inside the tunnel to the bulkhead helps not to build up snow and better snow and air movement thru the tunnel.

Redesigned front foot supports for lower footing and better positioning when boondocking and easier to keep clean on deep snow days. We've also incorporated vent holes into them to help cool the engine  area. Our Yamaha tunnels include inner and outer reinforcement brackets to strengthen the chassis. We want these tunnels to last.

Re-enforced cooling extrusion on the outer edge of the running boards to strengthen the footing area and the hot coolant warms the footing area keeping them clean from ice and snow build up. These route into a rear u cooler.

Tunnels come with a strong grab bumper and led tail light for safety and night riding. Proper tunnel thickness, design and bend radius kepp our tunnels strong and last thru years of hard riding.

Tunnels kits $3295 cdn. installed

$2595 cdn. not installed

Color $150cdn. extra for basic colors