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We did some some sound tests with Terra Alps mufflers and others that people brought in mufflers for dyno tests and everyone present said Terra Alps mufflers sounded the best. Not only does it sound good but keeps the HP and gains more! 



 - On the snow tests and drags show the Terra Alps pipe kit dominates! Ctec 800 stock engine with Terra Alps pipe kit pulls away 4-5 lengths in a 500 ft drag race over anothers bigbore with full pipe kit.

2018-22 CTEC 800 Single pipe and Y pipe kit $1050 cdn.

Most powerful single pipe kit on the market! gains power thru the whole rpm range, wicked mid range acceleration.

Terra Alps spent weeks on the dyno testing different pipe configurations to have the best pipe kit for a stock 800 and our fully ported 870 bigbore. Also tested some others pipes. Some made gains some didnt make anymore then stock but advertise power gains.

Single pipe and Y pipe combo, gain up to 9 hp at 8000-8200 rpm peak power $995 cdn.

Muffler - MTN lite,  louder (not ear peircing) and lighter then stock 4 lbs gains 3+ hp over stock. $359 cdn.

Muffler - Quiet, not so loud, lighter then stock, 5.5 lbs 2 hp over stock $359 cdn.


2012-2017 CF/M800 


Most powerful single kit on the market! gains power thru the whole rpm range.

-Single Pipe & Y pipe kit up to 16 hp gain on top with our map 7900-8200 rpm $995 cdn.

Gained 7 hp at 7000 rpm. No loss in mid range! other pipes we tested lost mid range power.

PCV maps availible


Single pipe 2012-2017 800cc 7900-8200 rpm $695 cdn.

Y pipe 2010-2017 800cc $399.99 cdn.

Muffler - louder and lighter then stock with 3+ hp gain $339 cdn.

Muffler - Quiet, not so loud, lighter then stock with 2+ hp gain $339 cdn.


Twin pipes in testing.

 $1499 cdn.


2010-2011 CF/M800 Single pipe up to 10 hp gain 8200 rpm $695 cdn.

TWIN Pipes 8400 rpm up to 20 hp gain $1499 cdn.


2007-2009 CF/M800 -Single pipe up to 14 hp 8200 rpm $699 cdn. 

Twin pipes up to 20 hp $1499.99 cdn.

fuel adder needed


2007-2010 M1000/1200 -Twin pipes


Arctic cat 900cc -1150cc twin pipes with Terra Alps front dump kit.

Also Terra Alps quality fit and heat shields.

$1199 cdn.


In stock! barely used custom 1000-1160cc 01-05 Arctic Cat Twin Big bore pipes to fit in Polaris Gen II chassis, ceramic coated! $600 cdn.

Used for 3 races, 8000 rpm on 1160 twin.

Can supply engine plates as well.