Product Details


2018 CTEC 800 Single pipe $695 cdn.

Single pipe and Y pipe combo 7900-8200 rpm $949 cdn.


2012-2017 CF/M800 


-Single Pipe & Y pipe kit 16 hp gain with our map 7900-8200 rpm $949 cdn.

Gained 7 hp at 7000 rpm. No loss in mid range! other pipes we tested lost mid range power.

PCV maps availible


Single pipe 2012-2017 800cc 7900-8200 rpm $695 cdn.

Y pipe 2010-2017 800cc $284.95 cdn.


Twin pipes in testing.

 $1499 cdn.


2010-2011 CF/M800 Single pipe up to 10 hp gain 8200 rpm $695 cdn.

TWIN Pipes 8400 rpm up to 20 hp gain $1499 cdn.


2007-2009 CF/M800 -Single pipe up to 14 hp 8200 rpm $699 cdn. 

Twin pipes up to 20 hp $1499.99 cdn.

fuel adder needed


2007-2010 M1000/1200 -Twin pipes



Arctic cat 900cc -1150cc twin pipes with Terra Alps front dump kit.

Also Terra Alps quality fit and heat shields.

$1199 cdn.


In stock! barely used custom 1000-1160cc 01-05 Arctic Cat Twin Big bore pipes to fit in Polaris Gen II chassis, ceramic coated! $600 cdn.

Used for 3 races, 8000 rpm on 1160 twin.

Can supply engine plates as well.