Product Details

Arctic Cat Alpha 4 wheel kit, add extra 2 outer wheels to your rear axle. Helps stablize while climbing and helps the kevlar bars in track from breaking from all the flexing. $299.95 cdn. or $215 us approx.  in stock

This kit moves wheels out farther for better support over other wheel kits not doing the job. 


Skidoo 850 Rail extensions 154 to 165 $240 cdn. upgrade to longer track for those deep days


-8" billit wheels with rubber coating $199.95 each. Includes bearing and circlip. We have over 4000 miles on ours.

-8" Billit wheels with rubber coating, with no bearing $179.95 each.

-8" Billit wheels $129.95 - $149.95 each.

-8" black plastic basic wheel uses 6205 bearing $44.95

-Big wheel kits - 2 or 3 or 4 wheel kits and axle kits.

-Assortment of billit wheels, smaller wheels, billit wheels with rubber coating and plastic wheels call or email for more info.

-Rail extension brackets and adapter brackets $159.95 and up depending on model.

-Offset billit axles to go from 7" to 8" wheels $159.95

-Ez ryde small 3.25" idler wheels $34.95 each