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Terra Alps Racing has many parts for most brands and models.

If you can't find it call or email.

-Billit board Inserts, for AC 2012-14 pro climbs, Ski XP 08-14, Polaris Dragon 08-10 & Pro 2011-14 $399 cdn. 

-Billit wheels with rubber, plastic wheels and 2, 3 or 4 wheel kits

-Bumpers strongs and lightweight

-Tunnel extensions, chassis reinforcements, rivets

-Tail lights led

-Gas racks - Fully adjustable for different size gas cans and raised for the XP chassis cooler. Don't be stuck out of fuel with a little 2gal gas can!

-Handle bars, mtn bars, risers

-Steering posts / Chromoly

-Cooling extrusion side and rear U coolers

-Oil tank stiffners $18.95 cdn.

-Lightweight hoods - poly carbonate $350 and fiberglass $550

-Vent kits for all brands

-Lightweight Boss seats

-Xtrovert drivers - Avid and whal bros.

-Camoplast Extreme Mountain Tracks, all lengths and sizes. Good competitive prices!


We have complete performance packages for your snowmachines!  Engine, exhaust, clutching, venting, chassis...