Product Details

We've designed a custom tunnel kit for those Impulse Turbo Kit installed sleds. The impulse Turbo kit has a 10 gal. custom fuel cell with a custom seat, we felt the seat height gets in the way for aggressive mountain riding. Trying to manuevour from side to side on the chassis when swinging your legs over the high seat. So we have lowered the fuel cell and seat height also lowering the centre of balance of the chassis. Making this chassis more rider friendly, not top heavy like others. The Terra Alps tunnel kits make it easier to carve around and alot more managable at high speeds.

Our tunnels have the all holes in the chassis for easy installation. Also have all the holes for stock suspensions, EZ Rydes and the new M10 suspensions. We also redesigned the tunnels dimensions to easily accept 16" wide tracks. With all our Yamaha tunnels we include new inner and outer reinforcement brackets to strengthen the chassis. The tunnel kit comes with all our standard design components such as our open slot foot traction on the running boards, running board stiffeners for the aggressive jumpers, L E D taillight for safety and function,  and craftsmanship we put into all our chassis kits.  Remember these are not just a replacement tunnel, these tunnels are made to be the better then stock and designed to be the best.

We also have Nytro tunnels for the MCX turbos with stock gas tanks and seats, that are designed to easily accept 16" wide track as well. 

$3295 cdn. installed

$2595cdn. not installed

$150 powder coat/prep of basic colors

Check out the Terra Alps Racing Nytro front cooler mod. Gain an extra 3/4" clearance from the drivers to the front cooler. While retaining a front cooler, which is needed for the high hp nytros keeping them cool. With an extra 3/4" clearance you can run a 3" track with 7th drivers or a 2.5" track with 8th drivers. Get better rolling resistance for faster track speeds kicking butt on your competition. Send in your stock front cooler and we'll modify it.  $395 cdn.

 Extra $495 labor installed, drop off your sled pick it up installed.