Jacobson rollover valve kit

Product Details

Jacobson rollover valve kits for

-Yamaha Apex, Nytro and Phazers. -Standard models $369.95 cdn. or $285 us approx.

                                                     -Premium models $544.95 cdn. $410 us approx.


-Arctic Cat M1100 snowmobiles. -Standard models $369.95 cdn. or $285 us approx.

                                                - Premium model $544.95 cdn. $410 us approx.


-Arctic Cat Xf/M 7000 Yamaha SR Viper - Premium model only $544.95 cdn. $410 us approx.

Viper/XF/M 7000 roll over valve kits are availible in premium version only. The ROVCM is used to control oil tank pressure during the oil pump reprime mode on Viper / 7000 sleds.


Jacobson valve is designed to prevent oil loss during a rollover event of a four stroke powered ATV or snowmobile.

The oil can leak out the oil tank  (dry sump) or crankcase (wet sump engines).

If the engines are running the oil can leak out faster thru breather hoses. These valves shut off the breather hose to stop the engine from leaking oil and also stop the engine for safety concerns. 

A tether is connected to the rider so if the rider falls off it shuts off the machine and closes the shut off valve to stop and oil from leaking out of the engine.