Klotz Race fuel, Oils and lubricants

Product Details

Terra Alps Racing carries a line of race fuel and oils for 2 strokes and 4 strokes. Also we carry shock and fork oil.


Klotz Oils and Octane Booster in stock

-Techniplate Snowmobile full synthetic 2 stroke injection oil $62.95 per gal

-Octane Booster stabilizer $17.85 16oz
-Hitrate - Racing gas consentrate octane adder mix 1 gal with 9 gals of 91 octane makes 10 gals of 105 octane $49.95 per gal

    Great for high compression engines or turbos, for race/muscle cars, sleds, bikes etc...
-Nitro Power additive, add 6-7% power gain $69.95 per gal
-Chaincase graphite oil $14.95 12 oz
-0w40 Oil Snow Synthetic Estorin, 4 stroke turbos $16.95 qt
-R50 Techniplate 2 stroke RACE oil, Premix only, for high revving mod engines $18.95 qt