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With lots of dyno tests and field testing Terra Alps makes a great muffler for your ride. Also did some sound tests with Terra Alps mufflers and others that people brought in to test. Everyone present said the Terra Alps sound the best. Not only does it sound good but fits great and keeps the HP and makes more!

Mufflers are tig welded so they look great and are strong, we made sure our mounting brackets are strong not to bend or crack. Great fit and finish. Putting more effort into our products.


TERRA ALPS narly exhaust silencers for most brands and models of snowmobiles

Arctic Cat 2012-2017 800 & 600 $399 cdn

Arctic Cat 2018-2019 CTEC 800 & 600 $399 cdn

Trail (yes its quiet) or smaller Mtn muffler 3+ hp gain over stock and most other brands



Polaris 2008-2010 800cfi4 800

Polaris 2011-2016 cfi2 800

Polaris 2015-2018 AXYS 800HO $399

Polaris 2019-21 AXYS 850 plus up to 5 hp gain $399

Trail mufflers are quiet, not ear bleeders. Also available in mtn muffler.

Terra Alps muffler had good over rev making 13 hp more then a mbrp at 8100 plus rpm on the 2019 850


Skidoo 2007 800r

Skidoo 2008-2010 XP 800r $399

Skidoo 2011-2016 800 ETEC $399

Skidoo 2017-2019 850 ETEC $399

Trail muffler and mtn muffler


Yamaha Ctec 800 twin $399 cdn.

trail and mtn muffler



Mountain lite Mufflers 4 lbs+, narly deep tone, has some bark, louder then stock of course.


Quieter trail Mufflers 5.5 - 6.5 lbs depending on model, narly throaty sound, still has some bark,  little louder then stock .


Terra Alps Racing narly mufflers are designed for stock and our high HP improver or big bore engines. 

We dynoed that crap out of them designing the best mufflers for each sled model to gain hp and loose weight.


Request application when ordering thru contacts.


MUFF POT mount availible on request with our mufflers.