Product Details

POLARIS Pipes custom made for most applications.


-Polaris 850 Single pipe $695 cdn.

-850 stock pipe mod, $399 cdn. send in your stock pipe

-Single pipe and muffler $949 cdn.

-Muffler "Narly" mtn lite loud $339 cdn

-Muffler Trail Quiet $359 cdn.


-Polaris AXYS 800HO 2015-2018 Single pipe 7-9 hp gain bolt on $695 cdn. ($525us approx.)

 No fuel controller needed, works with stock muffler. (3hp more then other brand)

 13-15hp gain with pcv controller. 7 hp more.

-Axys Pipe & Y pipe kit $949 cdn. or $700 us approx.


- Axys High flow Y pipe $284.95 cdn. or $210 us approx.

Highly recommended with our Big bores and strokers.


 TWIN PIPES! for 2015 and up AXYS 800, up to 20 hp gain $1499.99 cdn.

Fuel adder needed PCV $729 cdn.


-Polaris 2011-2015 800cfi2  Single pipe 8 hp gain $695 cdn. ($525us approx.)

 No fuel controller needed, works with stock muffler.

WIth PCV fuel and timing $729 cdn.  13 hp gain

Pipe and muffler kit $999 cdn. high flow for improver and big bore engines.


 TWIN PIPES for PRO 800, ported and 860 bigbore $1499.99 cdn. Gain up to 18 hp 

Offset steering post needed, send yours in to be modified $200 cdn.

Fuel adder needed, PCV fuel and ignition $729 cdn with maps.


-Muffler for Polaris 2011-2015 rmk chassis 800 improver to 870 big bore high flow $339 cdn.


-Polaris Dragon 2008-2010 800cfi4 Single pipe $695 cdn. 7-9hp gain. 

 TWIN PIPES for Dragon 800, ported and 860 big bore twin pipes $1499.99 cdn.

Fuel adder needed.


-Skidoo 2007-2015'  Ptek 860r big bore twin pipes $1499 cdn.


We tested other manufactures pipes and didnt see the claimed hp numbers.


Email for more info and availibility. under "contacts"