Power Commander V from dynojet

Product Details

The new PC6 is able to have two fuel maps with a switching function built in so you can switch from a hot lean map to a safer richer fuel map.

Gear input, allows fuel map to adjusted based on gear and speed.

Analog input, allows user to install any 0-5volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperture.

Each cylinder can be mapped individually even based on individual gears, like a six speed street bike.

Unit has -100% to +250% fuel range

Fuel maps can be adjusted based on 10 throttle positions and every 250 rpm.

Also has accellerator pump utility with increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges over the PCIII.

$499.95 cdn.


PCV Fuel and Ignition, enables the user to control timing for performance modifications. $724.95 cdn.


Terra Alps Racing has fuel and timing maps for most sleds and can set you for your mods.