Product Details

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Shock Features

-100% Billit aluminum construction

-100% High speed CNC machined to exacting tolerances

-Hard coat anodized aluminum bodies for exceptional wear resistance

-Highest quality synthetic blended fluid

-High strength delrin bushings

-Varible pitch one piece TRS (triple rate springs)

-Cutting edge computor aided design software

-Cutting edge fluid and thermal dynamic modeling software

-Elegant lightweight ground up design

-Progressive high flow piston design

-Low stiction 5/8" diameter liquid black nitrade shafts

-Progressive valve codes

-Internal blow off valve

-20 position clicker

-RAP rapid adjust preload

-NEST seal technology

-APV (anti pac valve)

-TRS (triple rate springs) 


Terra Alps Racing inc. is proud to sell and service Raptor shocks for Western Canadian customers.