Product Details

2011-2015 PRO RMK Tunnel kit. Terra Alps designed this tunnel to be stronger then the stock tunnels, built for extreme boondocking and big jumps. Reinforced around the chaincase with stronger material then stock. Availible in 146"-174" lengths. Wider running boards with slightly lowered footing platform for easier manuvering when boondocking or attacking an aggressive mountain side. Traction also on the side of the tunnel so you can sqeeze your boots and hold on when your flying thru the air.  All our tunnels have our aggressive footing traction with open slots to easily get rid of snow build up on the running boards. Reinforced cooling extrusion on the running boards for extra strength and keeping the footing area clean from ice build up. With a rear U cooler. Tunnels come with our heavy duty rear grab bumper so you can pull someone out of the bush with out having to replace your bumper. Also have a led tail light for safety and night riding. $2595