Product Details

Ski-doo 2008-12 XP tunnels kits set up for aggressive boondocking and hillclimbing. Tunnels have our aggressive traction design so your boots won't slip and are planted where they should be. Our Open slot design to help rid of the snow build up.

Tunnels come with a strong rear grab bumper, snow flap and small led taillight for night riding and safety.

We've incorporated our reinforced cooling extrusion on the outer edge of the running boards for extra strength, not bending like stockers and keeping the footing area clean from ice build up. Proper tunnel thickness, design and bend radius's keep our tunnels strong and last thru lots of hard riding. A slight kick up at the rear of the tunnel keeps the snow flap away from the track when backing off your deck or trailer and gives this chassis a great look.

$3500 cdn. installed,

$2700 cdn. not installed,

Color $150 cdn. extra for basic colors.

Candy colors $500

Anodizing of alumium parts $250

(side coolers, rear bumper, gas rack)


We have complete performance packages for your Skidoo!  Engine, exhaust, clutching, suspension, venting, chassis...

Also Thermostat kits and delete kits, more info under "motors and porting."