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Terra Alps Racing Ski doo 800cc billet heads make 5+hp at 8100 rpm and 10+ hp at 7000rpm. Thats awesome power for the cost of a billet head. Terra Alps is always designing and testing to build the best billet heads with proper cooling system and dome design not to cause detonation like other poor head designs on the market.

Gain HP and acceleration when attacking an hill or boondocking in the backcountry.

Our billit heads have interchangable domes for pump gas, race or turbo applications, or when upgrading to our bigbore kits just order the domes that fit in the billet head cover.


Billet heads with interchangable domes $599 cdn. or $440 us approx.


Colours - Black, Blue, Orange/Copper, or Raw aluminum.

15-1, 14-1, 13.5-1, 12.5-1 or custom turbo application compression ratios.


Cheater heads for improver class or just beating your buddies! $499 cdn or $350 us. approx.


Don't think all heads are the same, all the heads we have seen from other manufactures have very poor cooling passages where the cylinder has inconsistant tempertures due to the coolant flow thru the head and cylinder. On alot of heads they don't have the coolant velocity to flow thru the heads so the coolant flows slow and doesn't pull the heat away from the domes causing hot spots and detonation. Don't settle for less.


Porting for the 600HO, 600 SDI, 800HO and 800R engines, also dual ring cast piston kits for the 600, 800HO and 800R engines.

Also check out our proven and industry leading 860R and 830HO big bore kits.

Carb Boring gain extra HP for your performance package! $295

        -we disassemble the carbs, bore them, clean all parts, grease all moving parts, assemble and set up jetting for your application.

Performance packages

High Flow Y Pipes! Our Terra Alps Racing Y pipes gain more air flow and hp through out the whole rpm range. $284.95

Air intake kits for more airflow when riding in the deep stuff, don't loose rpms when your trying to break trail, keep the power going.


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