Product Details

2017-2019 Skidoo 850 Y pipe gain airflow and HP $399 cdn. or $300 us approx. 


2017-2019 Skidoo 850 Narly single pipe! Big volume pipe and high flow Y pipe combo $949 cdn.

must use Terra Alps high flow Y pipe with pipe. Power gains from bottom to top. 8100 rpm.


2017-2019 Skidoo 850 Narly Muffler, deep tone not ear bleeding. $399 cdn. or $300 us approx.   

10", 8" 6lbs and 6" long mtn lite muffler. Maintains same power as stock, also high elevation availible.


2011-2016 Etec 800 Y pipe 2 hp gain, holding power to 8200 rpm (other y pipes drop off at 8000 ) extra airflow gains      $399 cdn. or $300 us approx.


2007-2009 800R ptek High flow Y pipe $399 or $300 us approx.


2008-2015 XP 860 Big bore Narly Pipe kit, pipe, Y pipe and muffler $1190 cdn.

High flow Y pipe needed for ported big bores with big volume single pipe 8350 rpm and high flow muffler make the 860 big bore work.


2008-2015 860r Big bore (carb model) big volume 8350 rpm Single pipe $695 cdn.


2007 Rev 860r big bore , big volume Single pipe 8350 rpm  $695 cdn.


Mufflers - Mountain lite or Quiet muffler $369 cdn.


Cylinder Porting 800 HO, 800R ptek and 800 Etec engines $600 cdn.


Etec Billet heads $799 cdn.


Billet Heads for Skidoo 800HO and 800R models $699 cdn.


Thermostat kits , 2008 -2016 800 models, can also be adpeter to other models. Run cooler make more consistant power!

$289 cdn.