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Thermostat kit for your Skidoo XP. These are the real deal. Thermostat starts to open at 90'F (not 120'F like the other ones)

and closes off the bypass at 120'F (not 150'F) so your engine will make max HP. If its running over 135'F its starting to loose hp.

$249.95 includes all parts for install.


We flow tested our thermostat, the stock XP stat and another companies. We soaked the stats in 130'f hot water til stats were open then flowed 130'f hot water thru them for 1 minute recording how much they flowed. The Terra Alps thermostat flowed 33.4L of water in 1 minute, the stock XP stat flowed 26.05L in 1 minute and the other brand flowed only 11.85L in 1 minute. they advertise there stat is better then stock. It clearly is not better then stock. Only the Terra Alps Racing thermostat kit flows more water and runs cooler then stock. Making more HP!


Check out our facebook page for information and pics on the test.!/photo.php?fbid=511569932221294&set=a.511569925554628.127094.175835182461439&type=1&theater


If you didn't buy it from Terra Alps Racing, then its a copy, we don't support crooks! and we can't help you.


We build it and test it before its sold. This is the only kit that works.