Product Details

Thermostat kit for 2008-2015 Polaris snowmobiles and other years. Keeps sleds running cooler makes more HP! larger thermostat flows more coolant then stock thermostat keeping engine temperatures more consistant, less chance of overheating, has built in bypass so no cold shocks, removes poor stock thermostat. Billet housing, thermostat, bypass hose and tee.

#TAR156   $289.95cdn. or $200 us approx.


We build it and test it before its sold.


 We flow tested our Terra Alps thermostat, the stock Polaris stat, the stock Skidoo XP stat and another companies. We soaked the stats in 130'f hot water til stats were open then flowed 130'f hot water thru them for 1 minute recording how much they flowed. The Terra Alps thermostat flowed 33.4L of water in 1 minute, the stock XP stat flowed 26.05L in 1 minute, the stock Polaris stat flowed 11.3L of water in 1 minute and the other brand flowed only 11.85L in 1 minute. The Terra Alps Racing thermostat kit flows 3 times more water then stock thermostat and runs cooler. Making more HP!

This is one of the safest mods you can bolt onto your Polaris snowmobile.


Check out our facebook page for information on flow tests and pics of our thermostat kits and others that failed.!/photo.php?fbid=511569932221294&set=a.511569925554628.127094.175835182461439&type=1&theater