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TJD was bought out by camso, the big guys. And they shut them down.

Its bad when tjd no longer supports there customers with parts.

Sorry we cant help you.


TJD Tracks systems, best track kits in the world.

-Largest choice of configurations for different machines, 98" tracks and 116" tracks

-ATV's use 98" x 12.5" tracks

-UTV's have option of 116" x 15" wide rear tracks, largest on the market

-Unique, patented intergrated suspension on XGen systems

-Self tensioning tracks, less maintenance

-True all season system, (mud, sand, water, snow, rocks)

-Suspension provides smoothest ride, no vibrations in steering

-Easy to steer

-Easily transferable to other atv's

-Can be installed on any atv or utv 300cc and up

-Superior quality

-1 year warranty

-Xtrack kits starting at $3750


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